Service portfolio Open Interface CT

Within the framework of the research project KIDs-CT - configurable, interface-open, dose-saving computer tomograph - a CT platform was developed with open interfaces for hardware and software and, at the same time, a modular design. Both the internal hardware structure (e.g. exchangeable detector and electronic modules for processing high-speed signals) and the periphery (combination with additional modalities such as optical 3D imaging) enable hardware and software extensions to be connected to the device without complications via standardised interfaces.

We offer companies and research institutes the possibility to use the developed open-interface computer tomograph for research and development of innovative CT hardware and software. This can be done, for example, by means of R&D individual projects/contracts. Experienced personnel in the fields of industrial design, clinical radiology, technical assistance can be consulted. Possible uses would be e.g.:

  • the development of new collimators
  • the testing of new CT table systems
  • the testing of new user interfaces
  • the development of new image processing algorithms

In addition, other employment opportunities are also conceivable by arrangement.

If you are interested, please contact: Dr. Jasmin Lother, jasmin.lother@ovgu.de, 0391 67 57276


Dr. André Mewes (l.) und Benjamin Fritsch (r.) entwickelten das CT-System mit