Scholarship program MEMoRIAL

ESF-sponsored scholarship program for master students and PhD students with the focus on medical technology / "medical engineering"

Since the beginning of 2017, it has been made use of the possibility of awarding master's and doctoral fellowships to outstanding students and graduates with a special focus on medical technology / "medical engineering". This is done in the context of the international OVGU Graduate School MEMORIAL: Medical Engineering and Engineering Materials in the program Sachsen Anhalt WISSENSCHAFT Internationalisierung promoted by the European Social Fund (ESF).


• Imaging systems and the side effects of radiation-based diagnostic procedures (X-ray, CT, SPECT, PET, etc.).


• The significant dose reduction as well as scanning time and associated costs through the involvement of existing knowledge in the form of anatomical, biological and molecular information.
• Development of new pre-knowledge-based methods for the acquisition, reconstruction and evaluation of medical image data generated by MRI, CBCT, MR-PET and CT.


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If you have further questions, please contact Mrs. Anke Ryll.