EXIST Research Transfer: RAYDIAX

RAYDIAX, as a certified medical device manufacturer, will develop and finalise a computer tomography system designed solely for minimally invasive surgery. The company will develop hardware and software components, integrate them into a comprehensive overall system and market it. The results of the development work will form the innovative core of a computed tomography system that enables a dose reduction compared to conventional CT used for interventions while at the same time increasing efficiency. The core expertise of the founders, and thus the innovation, lies in the areas of planning, navigation and assistance before and during intervention, imaging and image reconstruction, and the design of the CT system. The RAYDIAX team thus addresses the rapidly growing, socially and economically highly relevant market of CT-guided minimally invasive cancer treatments. The founding team emerged from the STIMULATE research campus and can therefore draw on a large network of clinical and technical opinion leaders. Advisory support is provided by world-leading interventional radiologists, professors in the technical and business management fields as well as experienced advisors from industry.

  • Funding sources: Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), ESF - European Social Fund for Germany
  • Funding initiative: EXIST Research Transfer
  • Funding period: 01.04.2021 - 31.03.2024
  • Location: RG CT System Engineering, RG CT Algorithms
  • Contact
    • Name, first name: Dr.-Ing. Thomas Hoffmann
    • Mail: t.hoffmann@ovgu.de
    • Tel.: 0391 67 57027