STIMULATE Forum 19.03.2018

The latest STIMULATE forum took place on march 19th with the presentation "Robot-assisted tumor treatment: Optimized insensitive robot configurations and learning supported breath and movement compensation"  by Janine Matschek, Nadia Schillreff and Tim Gonschorek.

Robot-assisted surgery is intended to increase the reliability of the minimal invasive thermal ablation of spinal metastasis, especially for the positioning and stabilization of the surgical needle. However, the use of a robot as tool implies several challenges: the planning of insensitive and precise robot movements, overcoming mechanical inaccuracies, compensation and limitation of occurring forces, and the compensation of patient movements (e.g. breathing).

This presentation gives an overview of the latest research results of the Research Group Robotic of the Otto-von-Guericke-University for the movement compensation, the calculation of a precise and robust movement, as well as the integration of the algorithms into the prototypical evaluation setup.